Best Friends: A Short Story.

My best friend is calling me and I’m smiling at the phone. I can already hear her voice, loud and proud. That kind of pride you have when someone you love does something good and you know that it also makes you look good because it’s someone you know. “My bitch published a book!” She … Continue reading Best Friends: A Short Story.


Arm Fat Looks Like Vagina: A Short Story

Arm Fat Looks Like Vagina “Now, ya’ll know what this looks like!” The woman assures us, squeezing together the excess fat on the back of her arm. Her big white hat is a little distracting. I look around at the faces in the room. Some openly look confused, some try not to look confused. But … Continue reading Arm Fat Looks Like Vagina: A Short Story

Barbershop Fridays: A Short Story.

“You Renee’s oldest daughter, ain’t ya?” The old man beside me asks, lowering his voice beneath the loud talking of the other men waiting for haircuts. I look over at him trying to figure out who’s daddy this was talking to me. He looked slightly familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. My … Continue reading Barbershop Fridays: A Short Story.

Tinder Guy with The White Car.

Tinder Guy with The White Car. Giovanni stood outside of the library waiting. It was hot, as expected on a July afternoon in Valdosta, Georgia, but she didn’t have on shorts and that was the root of her problem. Instead, she had on jeans to hide her “chicken legs” which is what she’d grown up … Continue reading Tinder Guy with The White Car.

At Target in 2017: A Short Story.

I pluck the last travel size coconut Vaseline from the shelf and hurry to join the line of people itching to pay for their things and go home to their families. It’s very busy in Target for a Sunday. I think to myself and then start to wonder if I thought this same exact thing … Continue reading At Target in 2017: A Short Story.