How I Remain Wealthy While Being Broke.

You always stood up for me.(3)


I just pumped $5 in my car.
I only had $5.35 in my bank account. You do the math.
I am about to go home and boil myself a turkey dog, for the 5th day this week.
And then I’m gonna use packets of sugar I found in my kitchen to sweeten my cup of tea.

I am broke. But I am wealthy.

I work Monday – Thursday at a job that pays 7.25, and because of school, I can only work 20 hours a week (yeah, go ahead and do that math too.)
I have a car note, phone bill, I commute to work, plus a lot of other random expenses.
So when I DO get paid, all I have left over for myself is $10.

Yes. I am very broke.
But I am very wealthy.

I have not had my nails or toes done in months.
I cut off all my hair to avoid hair product expenses (plus I like short hair, honestly).
I haven’t bought anything that hasn’t come from a thrift store since last October.

One last time for the people in the back:


At this point, I’m sure I sound crazy.
But that’s okay. I am fine with being crazy.
All of the most successful people in this world were called crazy by someone, at some point.

Although life is not perfect; I have a place to stay. I have a car (even if it’s always on E and the AC isn’t working). I have clothes on my back, food to eat, etc.
I am blessed.
I am wealthy.

Wealth comes in so many forms. Wealth is everything from having a positive mindset, being ambitious, having self love, support systems, belief in oneself, etc.

And in due time, I am going to have the kind of wealth we are all striving for: money.
I am working hard to make sure that I attract money in my future. I am “getting my ducks in a row”, and learning all that I can learn about finances and healthy money habits so that when I DO make my big come up, I won’t blow it all by having a “broke mindset” (I’ll explain that on later post).

I am also remaining humble and appreciating the struggle, because I know that in no time I’m going to look back like “Wow, I did that!”.

Not everyone believes in the concept of “you are what you think you are”, but I do.

So in my mind, I am a billionaire.

It doesn’t matter how crazy it sounds to people, you better start believing in yourself and start stating what you ARE.

You may be broke. But you are WEALTHY.

Peace and blessings,

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(Also big shout out to Erin Lyons for opening my mind to a whole new concept of wealth and what it means to be wealthy. You can follow her Twitter @ErinLyons__ and her blog . She’s brilliant. )




11 thoughts on “How I Remain Wealthy While Being Broke.

  1. Yesssssss 🙌🏾. Someone is finally with me on this – when I say I am wealthy even if I’m broke . That’s why I say wealth has nothing to do with money, it’s more of how you’re living life – embracing life and changing life for the better + the love . I feel like love is wealth , blessing is wealth & etc. ohhh I love this post… great read & great post .

    Much love,
    Stacey ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. GIRRRRRRLUH.YES! excuse my ratchet-ness lol but I love everything about this. As soon as I got to the part where you said you believed you are a billionaire I almost started clapping. This is a great mindset to have and I think everyone’s situation would be a little better if they adopted this life concept.


  3. Love this and completely agree with you. Wealth does not always necessarily equate to money, which so many people believe. I have always seen my family, friends, good health and strength and a form of wealth. it’s about being grateful for the things that we do have, rather than focusing on what we don’t! 🙂

    Heather Xx


  4. I really need to adapt this mindset! I’m always focused on how I wish things were. I need to realize that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.


  5. What a breath of fresh air. Sometimes you need to remind yourself that monetary wealth isn’t the only sign of wealth. I always am thankful for my health, and that old adage health is the best wealth, is said for a reason!


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