How I’m Learning Yoga Without Paying to Attend Classes (I Can’t Afford It!)

You always stood up for me.(4)


I’m sure we’ve all noticed this new burst of interest in yoga.
I know I have, and I absolutely love it!

I never gave yoga much attention until I saw so many regular people practicing yoga. (Ignorantly) I kind of always thought yoga was something only rich people did.

But the internet proved me wrong.
So, as one of my many New Years Resolutions, I decided I would sign up for a yoga class and attend it faithfully. That was until I remembered my bank account wouldn’t actually allow that.

Because I knew couldn’t afford it, I let go of the idea for a couple of months….until finals week came around in May. I was soooo stressed out. I knew I needed to pick up a relaxing hobby before I went crazy.

So, I went on a quest to find out how to create a bootleg yoga routine.

And these are the resources I used:

I have an entire board dedicated to my favorite yoga poses on Pinterest,
so feel free to take a look!

Link to my Beginners Yoga board:

Thanks to these two resources, I now officially practice yoga for 15 minutes, every mornings. I have been doing so since May!

I’ve seen so much improvement in my posture, flexibility and stress tolerance.

Also, another plus: yoga is great for nights you can’t sleep AND when you’re cramping
(I have yoga poses for those specific circumstances pinned on my Pinterest too!)

Don’t let money stop you from doing anything you want to do! The internet is completely FREE.

Peace and blessings,

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Pinterest: @MarkesiaBarron


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