How To Self-Publish Your Book!


Hi, guys!

As many of you may or may not know, I recently published my first book. Kalopsia is a 30 paged book of poetry, written, edited, and published by me. It is available on Amazon as both a physical copy and as an eBook for Kindle.

Self-publishing my book was a pretty simple process. Much easier than trying to find a publishing company to read and decide rather or not they wanted to publish my book. The big difference between publishing through a company and self-publishing is that with a publishing company I would’ve had access to their marketing opportunities, whereas with self-publishing I am responsible for my marketing.

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But so far my experience with self-publishing hasn’t been that bad. I’ve managed to sell a decent amount of my books, much more than I expected, and it didn’t take years to find someone to publish it.

I published using Amazon’s independent publishing company KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

Here are the steps:
1. Create an account on
2. Upload your book to the upload section.
3.Fill out the tax information.
4. Upload your book cover.
5. Wait for a response from Amazon confirming that your book was available. (only 24 hours)
6. Start selling your book.


Now, there are pros and cons to publishing with Amazon that I wish I would have known.


  • It is completely free to publish.
  • The printing costs comes out of each book you sell.
  • The process is very fast.
  • Amazon is a widely known company.


  • Amazon takes 60% of what you make.
  • Shipping is free only if your customers have Amazon Prime.(Shipping ranges from $6 – $12 otherwise. RIDICULOUS.)
  • The books are very plain.
  • They don’t provide you with discounted/free copies of your book for yourself.

I would highly recommend that you research other independent publishing companies in your area or on the internet.The shipping price can be a huge turn-off for customers because it increases the total price by so much. Also, Amazon takes 60%, which is a big deal because there are other companies that take less. For example, CreateSpace takes 40%. They also offer discounted copies of your book for you to purchase! A big difference for your pockets.

But the choice is yours. IF you would like my honest advice, I would say to find something else. But if you are lazy and don’t feel like researching, Amazon isn’t the worse route (although I would never publish through them again).

Hope this was helpful.
If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask!

Purchase my book here: Kalopsia by Markesia Barron

Peace and blessings,
Markesia Barron

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8 thoughts on “How To Self-Publish Your Book!

  1. I never would’ve known that it was so easy to publish a book! This was an awesome post. I literally said WOW when I read that they take 60% from each sale. That’s absolutely INSANE and just greedy! Nonetheless, at least you learned and were kind enough to share the truth with us all! 💜

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