Arm Fat Looks Like Vagina: A Short Story

Arm Fat Looks Like Vagina

“Now, ya’ll know what this looks like!” The woman assures us, squeezing together the excess fat on the back of her arm. Her big white hat is a little distracting. I look around at the faces in the room. Some openly look confused, some try not to look confused. But it’s obvious no one knows what that is supposed to look like. My mother raises her hand beside me, “Uhh…I don’t know what that looks like.” She says and I admire her willingness to keep it real. The woman squeezing her arm nods patiently and knowingly. You’ll understand as you grow closer to the lord, I can hear her thinking to herself. “It looks like a woman’s private part!” She explains, and suddenly the energy in the room turns from confusion into excitement as the rest of the women began to nod in agreeance. “Yup sholl does!” “Well, would ya look at that!” “In the name of Jesus!”
They all say, and I can see my mom’s eyes widening as she begins to see the vagina in the arm fat.

“And that’s why we must cover ourselves, women of God! We don’t want to tempt our brothers in Christ! We don’t want to let the devils use us to lead them astray!” The arm-fat-vagina-lady shouts, conjuring up a bunch of “amens” from the room. One lady stands with her harms outstretched and tears in her eyes, “Lord, forgive me!” She says earnestly. I look around the room in awe. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, I think. When I look back towards the front, the woman is staring at me and I fear I’ve said it aloud. “Did you have something you wanted to say, sista?” She says to me, accusation in her eyes as she looks down at my skirt slightly higher above my knees than the Lord would want. I consider, for a moment, telling her how this sexist religion has brainwashed her into thinking that women are responsible for men looking at arm fat and thinking of vaginas, instead of that there must be something wrong with these “men of God” if their minds are thinking like that. But I don’t. For the sake of my mother who has improved so much over her four years of being “saved”, I just shake my head no and let the lady turn her attention back to the lord’s sheep.


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